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Welcome to Night Flight Images, photography and framing by Chris Neri & Nova Mackentley. We met in 2005 at Whitefish Point Bird Observatory, having been hired to band migrating owls along the shores of Lake Superior.  As seasonal field biologists, we feel very lucky to be able to travel around the country in pursuit of our passions. From Michigan to South Texas, raptor studies and wild cat conservation projects have kept us fascinated with the natural world. Within our photography we strive to capture a sense of beauty in nature and convey the need for conservation of the species and landscapes we photograph. We hope that our images remind you of the natural beauty that surrounds us and the value of preserving it for future generations. 

Photography Ethics:

None of our images are taken at a zoo, game farm, or agency where captive wildlife is rented for photographers. Rental animals do exist and some photographers take advantage of these tame animals by having them hauled to a nice location and set up for a particular shot. We do not consider this to be ethical or beneficial to the animal. We also do not "photoshop" our images by cutting out pieces of undesirable background or taking a subject and placing it in a more appealing background. We believe in educating our customers about these issues so you can make an informed choice about your purchase.

For more information about the undercover world of rental animals, follow this link:

audubon magazine article

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